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6 Essential Skin Care Tips To Follow This Summer

6 Essential Skin Care Tips To Follow This Summer

Most of you might be working on those abs for perfect summer bodies, but you forget to take care of your beautiful skin. Just like the body, your skin needs care too. The harsh UV rays can make your skin, dark, dry and dull. If there’s no proper care, the effects can get worse, and you might have to take severe medication or beauty treatments for the same. Before the scorching sun gets to you, it’s time to be ready for the summer. Here are a few things that you must follow in your summer skincare routine to achieve healthy skin.

Reconsider your face wash

Your winter face wash might not be effective on your skin in summers. Though it moisturises your skin, it would not take away the excess oil. Hence, it’s recommended you go for something that hydrates as well as take care of the excess oil. If if you have dry or combination, use a non-foaming face wash. Remember to clean your face twice or thrice daily to keep it clean and refreshing.

Use antioxidant serum

If you love your skin, invest in a good antioxidant serum. It will not only hydrate your skin but also protect it from environmental damage. Along with this, it improves collagen production, which is great for all skin types.

Hydrate your skin

Summer is the time when your skin needs moisture at the most. While drinking water and staying hydrated is a great idea, it would give you extra benefits if you buy a good hydrating face mask. Apply it after washing your face, and remove it after 15mins. It will help you fight most of the skin problems such as dryness, acne, oil and much more.

Cut down on makeup

Humidity and heat suppress the ability to breathe, and thus it is recommended that you wear minimal makeup. Makeup adds up a layer on your skin and makes it more difficult for the skin to breathe. Avoid anything heavy and opt for tinted and organic products.

Use sunblock

Summers or winters, sunscreen should always be an essential part of your daily skincare routine. Pick the one that has a broad ultraviolet spectrum, and keep applying it every three hours. Not just face, also apply it on your hands and feet.

Invest in a refreshing toner

Due to summer heat, there occurs oil accumulation in the pores. A refreshing toner will help you get rid of the excess oil deposition by opening the pores, and will also hydrate your skin. You can opt for cucumber and aloe vera toner as they are the lightest of all.

Follow these easy summer skincare routine, and get all these essential things to beat the summer heat.

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