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About Us

Welcome to Levana!

We are essentially a Pharmaceutical exporter to various countries since 1993 with the expertise garnered, we diversified into Cosmetic business in exports too. With great amount of success achieved in the export of Cosmetics, a conscious decision was taken to launch the Levana Cosmetics in Indian Market.


Be your own kind of Beautiful

We undoubtedly support this thought which can be achieved by enhancing quality of life.. With more beauty and enrichment, we seek to bring happiness to every customer and fill the world with smiles.

Beauty is more than just an outward appearance. Beauty brings us courage and confidence. Beauty enriches the spirit. A spirit awoken to beauty will set things in motion. A ring of activities will surround such a spirit. What sort of activities?

Problem-solving and healing, the energy to respond to social problems of every kind. What happens when more and more spirits awaken to beauty? At last, the world will fill with smiling faces. This is the ideal that we, a specialist in beauty, are striving to make real. A spirit of fulfilment will spread from person to person, and then from people to the society as a whole. Our mission at Levana is to help realize a world full of happy, smiling faces.


Beauty is about being comfortable in your skin. Feel your Beauty.

We aspire to be most responsive partner to our customer by awakening the inherent beauty and helping feel its radiance. The ultimate in beauty we envision at Levana is the individual beauty and radiance unique to every customer.

As we aspire to become the most understanding partner of our customer, we want to help in realizing the individual beauty and radiance with our products. This promise is embodied in the words “Feel Your Beauty” thereby Express Yourself.