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Acne,Anti-Aging & Other Skin Problems Is CBD Effective Truth Or Hype?

CBD Plant leaves

the raw material for CBD based cosmetics

What Is CBD:

Are you aware that CBD is made from cannabis? Some of you may be using cosmetics that contain CBD. CBD is promoted for acne,anti-aging & other skin problems. There is a trend to add CBD in soaps, serums & other skin products without understanding efficacy.CBD  is made from cannabis, a plant.CBD was found by an American chemist Roger Adams in 1942. In the earlier days, it was used for anxiety, depression, insomnia & arthritis. A lot of examples are available for the efficacy of CBD in these conditions. The interesting thing to know is another component of cannabis known as THC [TETRAHYDROCANNABINOL] which may be present in CBD has bad qualities. It can give high sensation to individuals & can cause addiction.

What Dermatologists Are Saying About CBD:

American Academy Of Dermatologists [AAD] a well-known body of dermatologists says that it is too early to come to a conclusion that CBD is useful in acne. The claims made by CBD cosmetics manufacturers for acne & anti-aging lack the evidence to prove that CBD is useful in acne, reducing fine lines or anti-aging. There could be stray examples of CBD benefits in certain individuals but the fact is U.S.FDA  has sent warning letters to CBD cosmetics makers to refrain from making misleading claims.

CBD  oil in acne

Pregnant & Breastfeeding Women:

American Academy Of Dermatologists suggests that pregnant & breastfeeding women should not use products containing CBD. It could be harmful to the fetus.They should avoid using CBD in acne & as anti-aging.

So what should be our approach while selecting CBD based cosmetics? Don’t get carried away by the claims made by manufacturers. Use your judgment. The best thing is to consult a qualified dermatologist before making a decision.

is CBD safe in pregnancy

CBD products should be avoided by pregnant women & breastfeeding women [AAD U.S.A.]


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