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 Acne & Psychological Impact 

 Acne & Psychological Impact 



Fun apart, acne can cause considerable damage to one’s self-esteem, depression & anxiety.

Emotional stress may give rise to acne & in turn, acne can cause the above-mentioned problems in a lot of individuals. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.


A relationship between psychological factors & skin disorders has long been associated. Psychodermatology addresses the interaction between skin & mind. Psychological factors have an important role in the causation of acne in several ways.  It is important to know that the effect of acne on psychological & emotional problems is similar to the effects of back pain, diabetes & arthritis. Acne gives rise to self-isolation. Moreover, it affects personality, emotions, self-image & impairs interpersonal relationships.


Now consider this news item from the U.S.


Squish Beauty is a  cosmetic brand founded on the principle of celebrating diversity and beauty quirks. The brand, launched by Howard, an author, model, and activist, features a range of playful beauty products including a cherry-shaped eye and cheek mask, floral acne patches, and jelly lip gloss. The acne patches are disguised as flowers, designed to be worn overnight to gently absorb the fluid. Young people and brands such as Squish are leading a movement towards the acceptance of acne, a skin condition that has long been steeped in stigma.

When you compare these two opposite views on acne one can get a sigh of relief, at least Gen Z Is not afraid of these blemishes.

I   remember  a saying by Khalil Jibran


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