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Anti-Aging skin care post 40’s

anti-aging cream in your 40's

       take care of your skin  once            you turn 40      

Everybody understands aging is a natural  & inevitable process. But few can understand how to take care of aging. The fear of looking old sometimes is so overwhelming that some people fall prey to wrong advice  &  land up in problems. 

Broadly speaking anti-aging treatments fall under 4 categories. 1. Interfering 2.Noninterfering 3. Cosmetics 4. Lifestyle changes

The most popular category could be cosmetics which are within reach of the majority population. The market is flooded with newer & newer anti-aging cosmetics luring individuals to use them. The promise of making you a younger-looking person is so exciting that people fall prey to these instant remedies. In most cases, the results are not as per the promises made, or at times an individual lands up in a soup.

The gold benchmark for anti-aging cosmetics is laid down by Dr.Kligman, a renowned skin specialist by posing 3 questions.
  • Can the active ingredient penetrate the upper layer of skin and be delivered in sufficient concentrations to its intended target in the skin?
  • Does the active ingredient have a known specific mechanism of action in the tissue in human skin?
  • Is there published, statistically significant, evidence to prove the efficacy claims?

Now let us understand which cosmetics ingredients when used are measuring up to the expectations of  Dr.Kligman.

  • Retinoids: shows skin penetration which is useful for the treatment of anti-aging.
  • Niacinamide: Studies demonstrate significant penetration into human skin.
  • Soy flavonesResults showed that soy can penetrate through the upper layer of the skin and can reach the middle level of the skin.
The practical benefits for the individuals are as follows.
  • Retinoids:  decrease fine lines & wrinkles
  • Niacinamide: Decreases yellowing of the skin, decreases blotchiness, decreases wrinkles & fine lines,                                 hyperpigmentation.
  • Soy flavones:  increases collagen synthesis,
  • Green Tea: Decreases collagen breakdown,   Antioxidant effects inhibit harmful UV rays.

The skincare routine to be followed at this age could be summarised in 3 phases.

  • use a gentle exfoliating face wash with a pH of 5.5 daily
  • moisturize regularly
  • apply sunscreen with SPF 30+
If you adhere to this skincare regimen the chances of looking young are bright in your post 40’s.
gently exfoliation your skin is essential

face wash with pH 5.5

moisturizing is important for anti-aging

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