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Here’s Everything You Need To Need To Know About Facial Peels

Here’s Everything You Need To Need To Know About Facial Peels

You might not be familiar with facial peels, but this special treatment can help you fight with a lot of problems such as pigmentation, scarring, hydration, acne, skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles. Are you dealing with all these skin problems? Are these problems bothering you every day, but don’t know how to fight them? Do you want to try facial peels? Here’s everything you need to learn about facial peels.

Facial peels are a beauty treatment, which when applied and dried on your skin, removes a dull top layer, and speeds up the cell regeneration process. There are some peels which do more than this; it all depends on which one you pick. When you have to do facial peeling, all of them involve applying a chemical or natural solution to your face. It will eventually improve and speed up the cell turnover of your skin.

Some skin types require a little extra care and thus deeper facial peels. So, we recommend you understand your skin concerns and then choose the right type of facial peels. Here are some different types of peels:

Alpha Hydroxy or Beta Hydroxy face peels

Also known as AHA and BHA, these peels include glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid, which are light and work wonders without any downtime. Breaking down the bonds that hold the dead skin cell together, these peels combat acne and oily skin issues. The new-age AHA and BHA facial peels use fruit enzymes and acid from natural sources as active ingredients to encourage the growth of new cells.

Trichloroacetic acid face peels

TCA peels are medium depth peels which are beneficial to treat pigmentation, sun damage and wrinkles. The only drawback of this peel is that it requires a longer downtime, and has many side effects. When you undergo this treatment, you will experience swelling and redness on the face. In addition to this, you’ll experience skin shedding too. The best part is the skin shedding reveals sparkling new and smoother skin.

Carbolic acid face peels

Also called as the Phenol Peels, Carbolic acid treats severe damage done to the skin. Scaring, deep lines, severe sun damage and wrinkles are the skin problems, treated with this. In order to undergo the treatment, the specialist will sedate you, and the downtime will be more than a week. The reason for such longer downtime is excess redness and scabby skin.

Before you get facial peels done, get in touch with a specialist, and know your skin type first. The better you know about your skin, the best face peel you can choose.

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