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How is glycolic acid beneficial for your skin?

How is glycolic acid beneficial for your skin?

Every year, a new ingredient comes up in the skincare industry, but the one that has truly stood the test of time is glycolic acid. Its property to fight numerous skin problems has made it a game-changer. Extracted from sugarcane, the preparation of this acid involves colourless and odourless crystals. Are you wondering what can an acid extracted from sugarcane do to your skin? Well, we have a list ready for you.

Excellent exfoliator

Our skin has a dead layer that when reaches the results of the topmost surface into flakes or dry skin. Harsh sun rays, improper exfoliation & cleansing, or age can also add to this cell build-up. All this together results in dull and ageing skin. Glycolic acids work wonders on the dead skin cells and help in revealing your natural and fresh skin.

Anti-ageing properties

As we age, our skin also ages, and if we don’t take care. It becomes saggy and dry. To get rid of this, you must include glycolic acid into your skincare routine. Why? Because it helps in boosting collagen levels in the skin, which are essential to keep your skin, tight and firm. If the collagen level goes down, you will get fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Acne fighting

Your skin gets acne when the hair follicles get clogged due to excess oil and dirt. The build-up indirectly leads to dead skin, and the glycolic acid helps in getting rid of it. With time, you will see your acne fade away.

Prepping up for other skincare products

Since the glycolic acid is an excellent exfoliator, it makes your skin, ready for other skincare products. It makes your skin smooth and preps it up for any product you wish to apply.

Other than these benefits, glycolic acid is suitable for all age groups and can be used by all skin types. With such advantageous properties, there is no doubt that it does wonders on your skin. Now, let’s get to the usage. If you are using skincare products that contain glycolic acid, you must only use 10% every day, and if you are going for glycolic acid peels, you must do it once every six months as the peels contain 20-30%.

If you are worried about using glycolic acid, worry no more as we believe everything in the required quantity is never harmful.

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