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Natural Cosmetics Without Chemicals-A Reality?

Natural Cosmetics Without Chemicals-A Reality?

Natural cosmetics without chemicals, is it a reality?

we read nowadays a lot about natural cosmetics without chemicals in newspapers, magazines & various publications. But what is the reality? Is it possible to have 100% natural cosmetics? Or are we daydreaming? Ask experts & they say it is possible but may not be practical. What they mean perhaps is that although the execution is possible costwise it may not be practical.

What are cosmetics made up of?

Cosmetics contain one active ingredient which is the central theme of the product.  Various ingredients are constituents of cosmetics. These ingredients are equally important. Let us understand them.

  1. Emulsifiers: In cosmetics, an emulsifier includes any ingredient that helps keep unlike ingredients (such as oil and water) from separating in an emulsion.
  2. Emollient: A substance soothing or softening skin
  3. Preservative: A substance which prevents decomposition of cosmetic.
  4. Thickener: It firms up or makes a liquid thicker.
  5. pH Adjuster: A pH adjuster is a chemical used to alter the pH or Potential Hydrogen level. … By adding a pH reagent such as an acid you can drive pH downward. By using a caustic or other alkaline substance you can drive pH upward. Maintaining the correct pH is very important from the skin’s safety point of view.
  6. Water: You will be surprised to know that water is an important ingredient in many cosmetics. e.g. face wash contains approx 80% water.
  7. Surfactants: Your soaps, shampoos, and hair conditioners contain surfactants, as they help cleanse your scalp, skin, and hair.

All the above-mentioned ingredients are mainly chemicals. Some of them good & some of them bad. e.g. sulfate which is a surfactant could harm your skin. Similarly, a preservative like a paraben may cause allergy. It is possible to replace all these ingredients which are chemicals with natural or organic substances. But will the final product be affordable to the masses? Another question arises that barring sulfates & parabens are all others equally harmful? As of today, there is no substantial evidence to prove that.

Under these circumstances, it is the choice of an individual to evaluate the ingredients list & take an informed decision.

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