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Vitamin C In Skin Rejuvenation

Vitamin C In Skin Rejuvenation
Vitamin C is used in skin rejuvenation as an anti-oxidant, especially in regards to protecting the skin from sun damage. It strengthens the skin barrier & thickens the outer layer of the skin. Most importantly, it promotes collagen production, which subsequently plumps the skin and lends it radiant and smoothness.
  • importance of immunity


    Ascorbic acid is crucial to the body’s immune system and serves as an aggressive free-radical fighter. Humans cannot produce vitamin C inwardly and must incorporate it into diets and supplements to ensure it can perform its many beneficial functions in the body.

  • collagen gives strength to skin


  • Vitamin C is a choice ingredient of helps in skin rejuvenation the substance that binds cells together. Collagen metabolism and production are key attributes of healthy, radiant, younger-looking skin. Collagen, in fact, depends on vitamin C, which implies the vitamin’s importance to healthy, attractive skin. Stable collagen production fights wrinkles and ensures evenness in the skin’s tone and texture. Vitamin C’s function as an antioxidant also benefits the skin, as it is able to protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals.
  • L-ascorbic acid has important physiologic effects on skin revival including inhibition of melanin, promotion of collagen production, prevention of free radical formation.
  • Vitamin C is useful in the form of its derivatives, which include L-ascorbic acid, ascorbyl palmitate, and magnesium ascorbyl
    phosphate. Vitamin-C products boost the effects of cosmetic treatments, such as resurfacing of the skin and chemical peels. A serum, often lighter and thinner in consistency compared to a moisturizer, is applied to the face after cleansing, and before the moisturizer. Serums usually have specific functions, such as anti-aging or free-radical protection. Serums are able to penetrate
    deep into the skin layers, while moisturizers address only the superficial surface tissue and its condition.
  • Apart from Botox injections for skin rejuvenation, there are some remedies as complementary for skin rejuvenation that can be done easily. Remember in the 21st century ’50s is 30’s is the new normal.

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